The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Jun 15, 2010

Publisher: Harlequin
Pub. Date: February 1, 2010
ISBN: 978-0373210084
Pages: 368 pages


Grade 8 Up—On her 16th birthday, Meghan Chase's four-year-old half brother is exchanged for a changeling and she discovers that her best friend, Robbie, is actually Robin Greenfellow, aka Puck, from Shakespeare's
A Midsummer Night's Dream. He is her guardian and will lead her into the faery world to rescue her brother. Once there, Meghan learns that she is a princess, daughter of Oberon, king of the Seelie Court. With a mortal mother and a faery king for a father, she is very powerful, and Oberon and Queen Mab, queen of the Unseelie Court, are both fighting to keep her. With help from Puck and a talking cat, Meghan sneaks into the Unseelie Court to rescue Ethan, only to discover that he is held captive by more powerful forces that could destroy the entire fey world. Meghan is a likable heroine and her quest is fraught with danger and adventure. The action never stops, and Meghan's romance with Ash, the handsome prince of the Unseelie Court, provides some romance that is sure to continue in the sequel. Faery books are in high demand now, and this is one of the better ones. Expect it to be popular with teens who liked Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely (HarperTeen, 2007).
First off, this cover is absolutely breathtaking! I fell in love with the cover long before I bothered reading the book. The story doesn't disappoint though.

Meaghan Chase finds herself with a missing brother, a "famous" friend, and a father who is not human. You'll follow her into a magical world and with every turn you'll wonder what comes next. A mix of determination, devotion, and forbidden love make this story one I will read again and again.

The Iron King is beautifully written and captures you from the start. I had never read a "faery" themed book and I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did. I'm usually not one for paranormal or fantasy.

If you enjoy stories with a romantic element, this one is for you! If you enjoy a story you can't put down (who doesnt?!?), this one is for you! I recommend this book 100% and hope that you will fall in love with everyone in the Nevernever too.

This is only the first in the series, thank heavens! There is also a free novella available online now. You can find it at (It is only available for free until July 1st). The next book will be coming out in August!

Rating: 5 stars / 5 stars


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