Miss Match by Erynn Magnum

Jun 22, 2010
Publisher: NavPress
Pub. Date: March 27, 2007
ISBN: 1600060951
Pages: 368 pages
From erynnmagnum.com:
Lauren Holbrook is 23, single, lives at home with her hypochrondriac dad and has two bad habits: Consuming her body weight in coffee and “subtly” guiding unsuspecting singles into marital bliss. Her newest project? Her clueless singles’ pastor and her Slim-Fast munching coworker.
The first book in the Lauren Holbrook series starts off with a BANG! Lauren is a fun character who is easy to relate to. She has many friends who play off of her wonderfully too and make the story great.

In this particular book Lauren has started to match people and has been successful so far. As she starts a new match though, it proves to be more difficult than usual. She has her friends help her with the task and sets off to show people who they truly belong with.

Erynn Mangum's first novel is beautifully crafted and her Christianity also shines throughout the story. I don't think I've ever read a book funnier than this one. Even if you don't usually read Christian fiction, I recommend this one.

This is only the first in the series too! Wait around for the other 2 book reviews...

Rating: 5 stars / 5 stars


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