Evermore by Alyson Noël

Jul 5, 2010

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Pub. Date: February 3, 2009
ISBN: 978-0312532758
Pages: 320 pages
From amazon.com:
This opening book in a new series, The Immortals, will thrill many teen fantasy-suspense readers, especially fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. Seventeen-year-old Ever survived the car crash that killed her parents, younger sister, and their dog. Now she lives with an aunt in Southern California, plagued not only by survivor guilt but also by a new ability to hear the thoughts of all around her. She tries to tune out all these distractions by keeping her hoodie up and her iPod cranked loud, until Damen, the cute new boy at school, convinces her to come out of her shell. Damen, however, is frighteningly clever—and has the strange ability to produce tulips from nowhere and disappear himself at critical moments. Noël (Saving Zoë, 2007) creates a cast of recognizably diverse teens in a realistic high-school setting, along with just the right tension to make Ever’s discovery of her own immortality—should she choose it—exciting and credible. Grades 8-10.
Ever was popular once. Her family recently died in a crash though and everything has changed. She's at a new school, in a new town, with her new guardian. No one knows much about her, except that doesn't care about anyone else. Not until the new kid Damen arrives.

Evermore has been compared to the Twilight series very often. I do see the similarities, but I also think that they are very different. The biggest similarities are the paranormal/fantasy characters and theme, romantic element, and the innocent girl. Other than that I think they are very different.

Alyson Noël has me hooked on her Immortal series. After Damen showed up, I couldn't put the book down. I had to know what he was, who he was, and how he fit in with the story. It was obvious Ever was curious about him too and she doesn't care about anyone. It made me even more anxious to find everything out.

I think that readers of The Iron King and Twilight will enjoy this book. It was paced good, the characters were interesting, and the plot itself was unique. This is one of my favorite books and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

Review: 5 stars / 5 stars


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