Review "Philosophy"

Jul 9, 2010

I decided I would take today to talk about my review philosophy. Alright, it's not really a philosophy it's just how I do them.

I'm not a professional and I have not been writing reviews very long at all. I'm sure you can tell. I merely post my thoughts about the book I have read. Sometimes I will give a general summary of the book, but I post the summary at the top right next to the cover for that reason. Some people break down every part of the book (i.e. plot, characters, theme, setting, ect.) and some go in-depth in what they thought. I find that when I read those type of reviews I just want to get to the bottom and see what the overall rating was.

Now, some people like the in-depth reviews and that is completely fine. Maybe someday once I get more experience, I too will enjoy reading/writing them. For now, I like short and sweet though.

If you have an opinion (which I'm sure everyone does) on how you like reviews done please let me know! I would really appreciate some tips and constructive criticism on my reviews.

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