BBAW Interview: Vasilly from 1330v

Sep 13, 2010
As part of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I signed up to  interview a fellow blogger. I am interviewing Vasilly from 1330v and she has also interviewed me on her blog. I really enjoyed coming up with questions to ask and also answering some questions. So here is the interview with my questions in bold.

What prompted you to start a blog? When I started my blog, there wasn't anyone in my life who I could discuss books and reading with. One day I got online and googled "books" and "reading". I found about a dozen book blogs and also reading challenges. I had no idea what book blogs were but I decided on the spot to start one of my own and meet so many bookworms who loved reading as much as I did.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your blog? If you have, what did you do to overcome it? I've been blogging for a little more than three years and there have been plenty of times where I felt overwhelmed. Usually taking a short break really helps. Also writing down or going over why I started blogging in the first place can really help me get a clear picture. Am I putting too much pressure on myself? Accepting too many review copies? With blogging, any pressure you feel is usually pressure you're putting on yourself. It's okay to want more or to want to do more but when you take the fun of blogging there's not much left.

Do you review every book you read? No, I definitely don't review every book I read. If I were to do that, you would see a review almost every day on my blog. I don't have the time, energy, or desire to review every book I read but I understand why some blogger do it.

How many books do you read a week?
That varies. If it's vacation and I don't have much to do, I can easily read 10 books a week. When school's in (like now), I'm lucky if I can finish one book a week.

What is the best comment you have ever received on your blog?
I think the best comments I receive are the ones that encourage me, ask questions, or push me to do more. There's nothing better than checking my email and seeing that someone left a comment on my blog leaves me thinking.

Some people like to buy a copy of an ARC they have received. What about you? Do you just keep the ARC or buy a copy of it? Whether or not I buy a copy of a book I reviewed and received as an ARC depends on my feelings of that book. If I know I'll re-read the book, I'll definitely buy my own copy. For example I'm a huge fan of Mary Karr's writing. I have an ARC copy of  her latest memoir, Lit, on my shelves. I already know I'm going to buy a copy of it. I want to support good writers any way that I can.
Have you ever thought about closing your blog? I have thought about closing my blog a few times actually. Sometimes the pressure to review something a few times a week can feel like it's too much. I have a pretty busy life since I have kids and I'm in college, so I don't have a lot of time to blog and leave comments plus socialize on Twitter, Facebook, and such. It can be too much but I have to remember I'm putting the pressure on myself. The last time I thought about shutting down my blog, the white-washing incident happened with Bloomsbury and Magic Under Glass. The incident made me realize how important it is for readers of color to blog and have their voices heard.

What is the first ARC you have ever received?
Great question! I have no idea. I know it was this year because I finally became interested in receiving review copies and having a review policy.
Alright, here are a few quick questions:

Top 5 favorite books? This is going to be hard!
 :-D I love the writing of John Steinbeck so I'm definitely going to add East of Eden. The Madonnas of Echo Park by Brando Skyhorse is a great book that I just read a few months ago.  The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie is another book I love. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz is a book that blew me away. Last but not least is Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. It's a children's book that I wanted to share with every child I knew.

What is the best place to read?
I can and will read everywhere. I read on the bus on my way to school, at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee, at Starbucks, or my way to school. As long as I can get a few pages in, any place is a good place to read.

Who is the first person you told about your blog?
Probably my mom. I tell her everything. She didn't understand it at first, but she encouraged me. Now she brags about it and all the review copies I receive. I think she's pretty proud of me.

What is your favorite pastime, besides reading?
Maybe reading about books? LOL! I love reading. Even when I'm not reading for pleasure, I'm reading to learn. So maybe I should say a favorite pastime of mine is learning. I love learning about education and cognition, other people's thoughts of  different subjects. . .

What are you looking forward to about BBAW the most?
That's a good question. This is my first year participating so I guess I'm looking forward to everything!


  1. I feel slightly better, knowing that someone as experienced as Vasilly feels the pressure to blog at times. I feel it, and I've barely been doing it for a month or so! :P I also feel slightly better that I'm not the only one who manages on book a week when in college. I felt like a slow reader because I can hardly go through two a week without letting my grades slip! :x

    Great interview! :)


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