Guest Post: JP from YA Urban

Sep 22, 2010
Today I have JP from YA Urban doing a guest post on balancing blogging and his life.

Hi! My name's JP (for John Paul). I write the YA Urban book blog, a place where I review, have contests for and promote anything young adult, but centered on urban fantasies & paranormal.

I usually balance my blogger duties and everyday life by scheduling posts to automatically be published at steady times throughout the month whenever I have free time on my hands. This is especially true when school is in, so during the summer I normally schedule far into the school year to save time and be prepared. I don't really find this stressful, but at times it can be when I feel like I'm not caught up.

My best advice is to try and keep ahead of yourself. I hope this helps!


  1. Nice feature! I schedule my posts forever in advance, too, but sometimes I have to switch review dates based on review copies I receive :)

  2. Nice guest post! I've been wondering about how people balance book blogs and their real lives. I know I've been having trouble! So this is really useful info! I never knew you could do this, ahha! (Shows my ineptness).


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