Mayne Attraction: In the Spotlight by Ann Mauren

Oct 25, 2010
Publisher: Ann Mauren Media
Pub. Date: May 03 2010
ISBN: 0984520104
Pages: 378 pages
Source: Author

Ellery Mayne is a high school girl who makes a disturbing discovery. After a foiled abduction attempt, she realizes that an entire team of security personnel are secretly shadowing her every move. As she works to make sense of this startling development, she secretly carries out observations of her own, testing the limits of a secret service detail who think they are conducting transparent surveillance on a clueless teenager.

When the mystery behind the secret security unravels, Ellery is faced with decisions that involve her future and the hopes of two unlikely love interests: a handsome but conflicted security agent who doesn’t realize she knows about him, and her first love—a boy that broke her heart—who has returned to explain his actions and his feelings for her.

Told from Ellery’s perspective, she puzzles over what could interest not one but two handsome suitors and a whole security force. Suddenly this quiet loner realizes that her life is In the Spotlight and she is the Mayne Attraction. 
When I first received In the Spotlight I wasn't sure what to expect. After starting it though it was hard for me to put down! I would have finished this book in a couple of days if I had had the time, but unfortunately I didn't. Fortunately I was able to savor each page of Ellery's story.

The plot of In the Spotlight is one of the most unique that I have read. The whole idea of someone watching her (scopophobia, as she refers to it) may sound odd and a bit creepy, but it makes for a wonderful story. It's full of fun characters and amazing guys. It's also set at a good pace and I didn't find myself bored.

Ellery made a good protagonist, but I am really excited to read from Ash and Gray's point of views. I found myself more interested in them (especially Gray) a lot of the time too. The supporting characters were just as interesting as the three main ones.

Overall this is one of the best books I have read this year. Ann Mauren has written a wonderful first book and I am extremely excited to read the next two books! I recommend this book to those who like a book with mystery, romance (love triangles), swoon worthy guys, great supporting characters, and unique stories!

Rating: 5 stars / 5 stars

If you are curious and would like a quick fun read about the heroine from
the perspective of the security agent who falls in love with her, I invite
you to check out 'Barefoot Heroine'.  It gives an inside look at Ellery
doing some hero work before she knew anyone was watching.  It's free and
very short.  
(Thanks Ann!)


  1. Wow great review. Love mysteries and this sound amazing.I will definitely be putting this on my wish list

  2. Thanks for such wonderful comments, Katie!
    I just posted a link to your review on my 'Spotlight Reviews' page at


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