Christmas Shopping

Dec 13, 2010
Today Candace from Candace's Book Blog is sharing her Christmas shopping strategies. I know that I am a very "unorganized" shopper and tend to spend a lot more money then necessary, so it was nice to see that I am not alone...
Today I'm going to tell you about my method of Christmas shopping.  Or what my method was...

I was a shopper who searched high and low for 'the perfect gift' for each and every person. I want the gift from me to be the gift that the person remembers for years to come.  Something that represents them, fits their style, all that.  The PERFECT gift.  So from after Halloween when I start my shopping until a couple days before Christmas I shop like mad finding 'perfect' gifts for people.  Each shopping trip is often focused on finding something for ONE person.  Then when I go and I lay all the gifts out and put them into piles of who they go to I then see that I got 3 items for my mom and maybe one dinky coffee cup for my dad.  I got one sister an adorable jacket and the other sister a picture frame.  The gifts just aren't even, I mean, I have to be fair.  So out I go again to find something not TOO fancy so I can just even things up, you know?  Well, then I find an amazing dress for my sister and toolbox for my dad, so that means that I have too much for them and I'll have to get a little something more for the others... and yes, I do believe you get the point.  I'm OCD when it comes to Christmas shopping.  Man, oh man you should've seen when I shopped for the giving tree.

One year my mother in law calls me up and says they are looking for someone to do the shopping for the giving tree.  You know because a lot of people just donate money instead of taking the tags?  Well, I was all up for that!  Finding 'perfect' gifts for people with someone else's money?  Heck yeah!  The problem is finding the perfect gift for strangers is impossible.  All you have is a ticket that says Girl, Age 11, Socks.  Okaaaayyyy, well, I gotta say, that girl got the best socks I could find!  See, how it works is you have a certain amount for each tag.  And I'm known for my crazy bargain shopping.  So I found a lot of socks, and super cute ones, at that!  And all for under the limit!

The one I'm most proud of is the boy, age 10 who wanted DC shoes.  The lady told me when she handed me the tags that if it has a certain brand on it that it is just so I can have an idea of the style at least.  Well, nope, not me!  I was determined that I would find that boy a pair of DC shoes!  And I did!  Within the limit of $15 too!  It only took 2 days and 5 stores (full of crazy holiday shoppers), but I found them!  And I found some girl ones at the same time so another tag that said Girl, age 15, tennis shoes got some awesome DC shoes!  But then I was stuck with 40 tags and less then a week left to shop.  I have to say that my shopping went severely downhill after that.  People started getting what I could find in one or two stores and I think I was mostly cured of my insane shopping fever.  These days I go to the mall maybe 5 times a year.  I love to shop, but it's NOTHING like it was.  And as for gifts, well, this year I think one trip to Ross, preferably before Thanksgiving, and will get the bulk of the gifts.  I did order some items off etsy so all that's really left is my kids.  Who knows, it may end up just being a shop online kind of year...


  1. Thanks for having me! Luckily shopping ended up going okay. I ordered everything online and ended up with some good deals and not TOO much obsessing!

  2. I have that same exact problem! I don't feel so Thankfully, I have two more gifts and I'm completely done *knocking on wood*. Now I have to write out the Christmas cards for people at work... I've purposly been procrastinating on that.


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