Remembering Christmas

Dec 23, 2010
Mallory from The Teen Bibliophile share a special story with us today...

Wow, I can’t believe this. My first guest post ever. Thanks Katie for letting me guest post on your lovely blog. For this post I’ll be talking about something I’ve come to realize over time. Remember being really young on Christmas Eve and overly excited with thoughts and feelings of the presents you’ll be getting Christmas morning? When you were young the 25 days of Christmas seemed to take forever to go by. Now I don’t know about you guys but my little 12 year old self only really thought about the presents, Santa, and Jesus. Presents and Santa because that is what goes along with Christmas. And Jesus because he is the reason why Christmas exists at all right?

Fast forward years later. Now that I have had time to mature I don’t really get that excited to the point of where its nearly impossible to got to sleep. Sure I’m filled with anticipation of finding out what my parents have got me; but Christmas is more than the presents. Even all the activities before Christmas are not just about preparing for all the gifts you’ll be getting December 25. For me decorating the Christmas tree and house along with Christmas is about spending time with family. Not only this but being thankful for who you have in your life and what you already have. Its also about being unselfish. Christmas is the time to give. Its the time to give back to your community like donate to a charity or help someone in need of a good christmas. When I was little my family would pick a classmate of mine and give her gifts, because she was poor. She was also such a great person. I’m glad that my family got to help give her a better Christmas and things she wanted. Every year I look forward to the feeling that life couldn’t get any better and being filled with joy. Now that you’re older the days leading up to Christmas day just fly by don’t they? Its amazing how as we grow things change and even yourself changes either in minor or major ways.

This holiday season, no matter what holiday you participate in, I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday! Take a moment to relax and enjoy many great books. I know I will. ;)

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