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Jan 14, 2011

We've all had those books that we just couldn't get through, couldn't no matter how much we wanted to. So, today I wanted to touch on posting reviews for unfinished books. I've noticed that many people do not post reviews for books they have not finished. I can definitely see the reasoning behind this. I mean, you didn't finish it so how can you really be fair to the book? What if it actually got better? What if someday you would like to go back to it?

I personally post reviews on some of the books I have not finished. I have not posted them on all of them though. Why? Well I have a rule, if I read over 100 pages of the book I will review it. I feel like 100 pages is a good amount of time for the book to develop and it should have caught my interest by that time. If it hasn't I lose hope that it will ever really spark my interest.

So why post a review on it? I post them because I felt that the book was -to put it mildly- not good, and therefore I want to inform readers about my opinion on the book. Would it be fair to post "bad" reviews on other books I have finished and not ones I haven't finished? I really don't think so because either way I did not like the book and readers are interested in hearing when you thought a book is bad. At least I am.

Now you may disagree with my point, but I feel it is a necessary evil, as are all "bad" reviews.

I would love to hear your opinion though, please feel free to leave a comment. All opinions are welcome!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I think they should be reviewed, people want to know what you thought of the book, and not every review can be positive and beaming, we've got to share the bad ones too. I've only ever given up on two blogs (1 since starting my blog) and I did post a review for it.
    We should share all reviews good and bad, it gives a better view of the books on offer.
    Great post, this is something that should be talked about more. :D

  2. Today I stopped reading a book at 90 pages and it has 300. Since I didn't even making 1/3 of the way through, I'm not going to review it. If I would have made it 2/3 of the way through I would review it. I will at least try and mention that I didn't finish the book on my blog and the reason why.

  3. If not review, I DEFINITELY think you should mention unfinished books on your blog. I do. After all, people want to hear about good books they should look out for, but they also want to hear about books they should AVOID. So that's why I do it.

    Sometimes I wish someone had had the guts to tell me a book was not good, 'cause I usually waste my time reading it.


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