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Jan 28, 2011

This week I want to talk about expectations people have when they read and follow other book blogs. When I first started blogging I went through the "follow anyone who has an awesome contest" phase. Recently I have been going through the list of blogs I follow and removing blogs I don't ever visit or I don't like the content.

That brings me to the question: What do you look for in a blog before you follow? Or what do you expect from book blogs?

I usually bookmark a blog that I am interested in first and check them out once a day. After awhile if I see that they regularly update (at least 3-5 times a week), and I have enjoyed their reviews I will look into following them. At that point I check out a couple of their old reviews and if I have had similar taste I follow them. It seems like a lot to do, but I've found that following blogs that I just want to follow for a giveaway or because of one post, I rarely find that I want to regularly follow their blog. I only follow book blogs that have YA reviews too.

Now, I also have some exceptions. One is those who regularly comment on my blog. It sounds weird, but if I see someone who comments on my posts frequently I will check out their blog and if they review YA books I will follow them. I do this because those readers take the time to comment on my blog and most of the time they have very active blogs.

My number one expectation from book blogs is: Blogs should be active and update very frequently.

So, what do you look for in blogs you follow? Or what do you expect from book blogs?


  1. I can't say I really have any expectations. If I like a blog and the books they review then I'll follow them. I don't tend to follow a blog just to enter a giveaway though.

    I wouldn't not follow a blog just because they only update once or twice a week though. I myself can sometimes only fit in two updates a week. I do though visit people if the are regular commenters on my blog but I might not necessarily follow them back, and I have no expectations for people to follow me just because I follow them.

    At the end of the day it's just fun to blog and make new friends!

  2. Huh. you make some good points. I guess I just follow blogs that have reviewed books I loved or books I want to read. The only real thing I don't like to read are when bloggers get too negative and write hurtful things about the author or whatever. I tend not to follow those blogs.

  3. Katie - I'll generally follow people who follow me. I generally find new blogs by reviewing teaser tuesdays or blog hops. I'll follow someone to see if I like them - but after 3-4 posts that I don't like I just get rid of them. For me it's easier to just watch their posts for a few weeks than to try to remember who I might like.
    Some of the best blogs I follow don't post consistently. Maybe it's because they don't get worn out with posting but they just seem to have fresh content and reviews.

  4. I don't auto follow anymore. I did when I first started, but during Bloggiesta I deleted a lot of those early follow for a follow things.

    I'll follow a book blogger for any of these reasons (I don't need them all, one is enough):

    1. They respond to comments on their blog or they comment on mine...I'm all about building relationships.
    2. They review inspy.
    3. They have a rockin' blog design. (I'm a sucker for a cute cover.)
    4. They do something unique or innovative in book blogging circles...ex: interesting review style or great features.

  5. I follow a lot of different kinds of book blogs, I like finding out about books I haven't heard of before.

    In all honesty I'd rather have less frequent updates than subscribe to a blog that updates every day with filler posts.

  6. I follow a fair number of blogs now. I check in frequently and like to see regular updates. If they stop posting for a prolonged period I assume the blogger has given up and eventually I'll probably stop checking, then stop following. I like to see what everyone is reading and chatting about, but I don't always stick around to read the reviews or features if it's not something that interests me. But I EXPECT the bloggers to talk about their interests, not mine, so I like to follow a variety of bloggers so I know what all is out there.


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