CSN Review

Feb 17, 2011
This post is off topic, but the people at CSN gave me a wonderful opportunity to review one of their products. I decided with Valentine's Day just around the corner these were the perfect idea:

They turned out very different from the picture though. They had "I ♥ Bob" and I was quite surprised at first. Even so, I think they are extremely adorable. Even though it is no longer Valentine's Day these cups would be perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or just a "thinking of you" gift.

The best part about these personalized cups are that they are not expensive. I think the cost is completely reasonable because they turn out so nice.

Overall CSN did a great job with these, the shipping time was reasonable (it takes a bit longer because they are personalized) and the quality is great. If you are interested in buying these you can find them here.

Note: I have not washed them yet (nor have I used them).


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