Blog Files: What You Want

Mar 4, 2011

Hello all, it seems I have come to a road block and am unable to come up with topics for Blog Files. So, I would like to ask you this:

What would you like to talk about?

Anything blog and book related that you would like to talk about would be great! I've been coming up with my own topics so far and haven't had the chance to see what my readers and fellow bloggers would like to talk about.
One thing that I would like to eventually do is have other bloggers, readers, authors, and maybe even publishers do guest posts/vlogs and also voice their opinions on all things opinion related.

So, please leave a comment below with a topic or question you would like to see. For those interested in doing a guest post or vlog please email me with what you would like to talk about and when you could have your post done by.

Have a blessed week!


  1. love your blog files.
    you could discuss:

    do you like to see reviews only about newer books, or are older books good to see too.

    how many posts do you think is acceptable in a week or even day. If you do more than one a day is it too overwhelming for your followers.

    What do you think of 'extra entries' in Giveaways, does it make you more eager to enter than one that doesn't.

    these are all i can think of right now, hope it has helped. :D

    HAve a good weekend


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