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Apr 7, 2011
I am really excited to have Erynn Mangum in the blog today! She was nice enough to take the time to answer some questions. If you don't know who Erynn is she is the author of the Lauren Holbrook Series and the Maya Davis Series. Without further ado please welcome Erynn Mangum...

1) How did you decide to become a writer?
I have always, always loved to write! When I was a little kid, I filled stacks of journals with stories. In high school, my parents really encouraged me to continue to write, learn the craft and to try and see if I could write professionally.

2) How much of Maya and Lauren are based off of you?
Bits of them are based off me. Lauren's love of coffee and chocolate. Maya's way of not dealing with issues. :) I feel like every time I sit down to write a story it's just a way for God to teach me something!

3) Are there any characters you have based off of people in your life?
Yes! Almost every character I write about is a compilation of a bunch of different people in my life.

4) How did you feel when you saw the cover of Cool Beans? I noticed the model doesn't match the description of Maya very much...
Ah, funny story. :) The current model is not the first one they came up with, however, the previous one was already on another book that released right before Cool Beans. Which was very sad! The girl that is on there now was the best we could find.

5) How has becoming a mom affected your writing?
Oh goodness - I feel like I have very, very little undistracted writing time now. It's hard to get used to since I used to be able to write full-time! In the same sense, though, there are SO many new ideas that I've had since having Nathan. We'll see if anything ever ends up in a book though! 

6) One of my favorite parts of your books is the humor. Would you/do others consider you to be a funny person?
Ha! I guess I would hope so, but you never know! The nice thing about writing is it's way easier to slide all those little fun lines in because I've got the time to think through them before I write them - not so in life. :)

7) Any plans to return to Lauren Holbrook or Maya Davis?
No plans to return - I think I like where both of the stories ended. I love that we never know EXACTLY what is going to happen with either of them. I like tying up most of the loose ends and still leaving some questions.

8) Are you currently working on any books?
Yes! Now that my son is a little bit better at naptimes, I've been trying to get some work done while he's sleeping. And I've got a new book coming out in September! It's called Sketchy Behavior. I hope you like it!

9) What books/authors would you recommend for young adults? Adults?
Young Adults - I love Jenny B. Jones. Her humor is hilarious. Adults - Francine Rivers. She's the author I most want to be like.

10) I love Jenny B. Jones! What is your favorite part of the writing process?
The actual writing. I don't particularly like the "business" side of writing - writing proposals, waiting on agents and editors. I love to start on Chapter One and just write until the whole book is done. I love getting creative in the story!

11) Does everyone in your family read your books?
No - my mom and sister usually do. They are typically my first editorial crew. :) And my youngest brother has read a few of them (he's very sweet).

12) What advice would you give to Christian teenage girls growing up today?
Don't try to be someone that God didn't create you to be. You are YOU - and that's exactly who He's called you to be. If you can stay close to the mirror that is God's Word, you'll do just fine. :)

13) What is your favorite bible verse?
This changes on a weekly basis, I'm pretty sure! :) I will always love Psalm 121. I've been reading through Proverbs lately and there is SO MUCH in there! I haven't read through Proverbs in a while, so it's been fun to go back through it!!

14) Anything else you would like to tell readers?
Ha! I think I spill my guts about my life on a pretty regular basis on my blog. I wouldn't want to bore your readers too! :)

I have to say that I really love reading your blog, there are quite a few humorous posts and Nathan is absolutely adorable!

Now here are some quick this-or-that questions just for fun!

1) Waking up early with no coffee or having a birthday with no chocolate?
I guess the waking up early, as long as it wasn't a regular occurrence. :) I've actually had to cut WAY back on the caffeine since getting pregnant and now nursing, so I've adjusted to my sad, gray-scale life now.

2) Coffee shop or book store?
Coffee shop. The most I can spend there is about $4.95. A bookstore is just a dangerous, dangerous place for me.

3) Paperback or hardcover?
I honestly prefer paperback! It's easier to hold, in my opinion.

And lastly...
4) Coffee or chocolate
I would have to say chocolate. I think before I had to make the switch to decaf, my answer would be different, but I love, LOVE chocolate too much to give it up!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions Erynn! For those of you who have not read any of her books you need to go out and get them! Seriously. Here are a few places you find can Erynn and more about her books:



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