1st Blogoversary: Feedback and Giveaway

Jun 13, 2011

For my second giveaway I am going to have you work a bit... Yes I know I'm evil, but I would like to get everyone's feedback on Books are Dreams.

So, by filling out the feedback form you will be entered to win either THE VESPERTINE by Saundra Mitchell (Signed) or a book of your choice ($15 at The Book Depository), or if you would just like to fill out the form (I would really appreciate it) you have the option of not being entered for anything.

-Fill out the feedback form with your HONEST opinion
- Must be 13+
- ENDS July 13, 2011

- Your choice of either:
         THE VESPERTINE by Saundra Mitchell (Signed)
         A book of your choice ($15 at The Book Depository)

Please know that your answers WILL NOT effect your chance of winning. I want to get your honest opinion so that I can improve my blog and reviews.

Thanks again to everyone who has been with me this past year!

CLOSED. Winner confirmed.


  1. I just filled out the form. Thank you for the giveaway! :D

  2. Great questionnaire! I really hope this helps you in any way! :) Glad to help :)

  3. Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)


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