The Juliet Spell by Douglas Rees

Jan 5, 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pub. Date: September 27th 2011
Pages: 304
Source: Netgalley
I wanted the role of Juliet more than anything. I studied hard. I gave a great reading for it—even with Bobby checking me out the whole time. I deserved the part.
I didn't get it. So I decided to level the playing field, though I actually might have leveled the whole play. You see, since there aren't any Success in Getting to Be Juliet in Your High School Play spells, I thought I'd cast the next best—a Fame spell. Good idea, right?
Yeah. Instead of bringing me a little fame, it brought me someone a little famous. Shakespeare. Well, Edmund Shakespeare. William's younger brother.
Good thing he's sweet and enthusiastic about helping me with the play...and—ahem—maybe a little bit hot. But he's from the past. Way past. Cars amaze him—cars! And cell phones? Ugh.
Still, there's something about him that's making my eyes go star-crossed....

I love these types of books that bring back authors into the modern day world, or take a modern day character and put them in a famous novel. I was really excited to read THE JULIET SPELL because I cannot recall a time when I have read a book about Shakespeare, or his brother coming to the present.

This was a really cute and fun book to read. I wanted a little more depth though. Sure there were a lot of issues and a ton of drama going on, but not much of it mattered to me. The one thing that did matter was Miranda and Edmund. There "romance" was so sweet and I couldn't stop reading because I had to find out what would happen next.

Miranda is a sweet character, the one quality I really loved from her was her determination. She never gave up and I think that was why she made such a good protagonist.  I really fell in love with Edmund too, and the chemistry was so sweet.

Overall this was a fun read, I don't think there was much depth there though. For anyone who loves Shakespeare and just wants a book that will make you smile I'd suggest picking this one up.

Rating: 3 stars / 5 stars


  1. I always loved the premise of this book! It's a shame it lacks a little depth, but I quite like quick, fun reads so I'll probably still give this one a go. Glad you enjoyed it overall! Great review :).


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