Top Ten Tuesday (3)

Jan 31, 2012
Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new topic is posted and you post your top ten answers for the topic.

This week you are able to choose your own topic to write a top ten list about.
Top Ten Books I Think Would Make Great Book Club Picks
1. The Beginning of After by Jennifer Castle
It's such a "deep" book with so many heavy topics. I think it'd be great to talk about.

2. Hourglass by Myra McEntire
I think it's a great paranormal book and has a great mystery. I've never been to a book club, but I think it'd be fun to talk about what they think will happen next and who "dunnit" for this book.

3. New Girl by Paige Harbison
Another great mystery to talk about.

4. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
Honestly why wouldn't you read this in a book club?

5. Between Shades of Grey by Rupta Septeys
This is such an informative and eye opening story that would be great to read and talk about.

6. Clarity by Kim Harrington
Another mystery. More discussion on "whodunnit".

7. Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Such a beautifully written story with so many great messages.

8. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Of course you need a couple great classics in a book club and this is one of the best.

9. Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison
Deep. Meaningful. Will make you cry.

10. Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury
I'm not sure why, but I just think this story should be on this list. Maybe it's because of the topic of the book, maybe it's because of the wonderful characters in the book. Either way here it is.

I think I see a trend in this list. If it's a deep story, a mystery, or the Hunger Games, then I think it'd be a great book club read... I also see a couple of books that keep sneaking on to all of my lists...


  1. Great list! I love the Hunger Games I put it on mine too, it makes a great book club read.


  2. I'm ashamed to say I've only read two of those books! Though I definitely agree with you on The Hunger Games and Delirium :P. Hourglass and Clarity are ones I really want to read! Fab list :).


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