About Me

My alias is Katie and I have been blogging since the summer of 2010. I don't use my real name for privacy purposes, but this blog is all me.

Books are Dreams:
 Books are Dreams was opened on June 2010. Like most bloggers I had a love of reading, but no one to share it with. Once I discovered the book blogging community I decided to join and have not looked back since.

My opinions on book blogs:
I personally find it very helpful reading how other people feel about books before I decide to read/buy a book. Why? Well, if most people do not enjoy it, I probably won't either. So in conclusion, it saves me time and even money. Of course the way all people feel does not always correlate with how I feel, so it's always good to read older reviews and compare my opinions with theirs to see if we are "reader compatible".

My favorite authors:
Julie Kagawa, Carrie Jones, Rachel Vincent, Erynn Mangum, Robin Jones Gunn, Meg Cabot, Lisa Klein, Jenny B Jones, and many more!

Other hobbies:
  • Listening to music (I like a wide variety of music)
  • Shopping (On the off chance I have money...)
  • Baking (Sweets, sweets, sweets!!!)
  • Eating (What else am I supposed to do with what I bake?)
  • Watching T.V. (The Vampire Diaries is my favorite show!) 

Places to find me:
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